Competency Test

MM slash DD slash YYYY
1. It is a HIPPA violation to share any information about my client with other clients or my own family
2. Time sheets need to be signed by a client and a provider
3. I can file, but not clip nails
4. If you make a mistake on your time sheet you may correct it using white out
5. Basic Housekeeping does not include windows
6. If your client needs laundry done, start a load of wash at the beginning of the shift so you have time to have it dried and folded before you leave
7. PCP may not give tub baths where the client is submerged in water. They need to be sitting on a bath chair/bench
8. PCP are not permitted to apply medical stockings
9. PCP is allowed to give a client perms and dye there hair
10. If your client has an emergency situation like, fall, breathing difficulties, chest pain, stroke, severe bleeding call 911 follow their instructions, stay with the client and upon arrival of emergency personal contact the office
11. PCP can assist the client during a transfer, but cannot lift the client
12. Safe food handling includes good hand washing, cleaning countertops, proper cooking temperatures, and proper refrigeration.
13. When caring for a client who is bipolar, be aware they may have severe mood swings
Choose the correct answer from the multiple choice questions
14. When is it appropriate for a PCP to smoke in the client’s home
15. What part of the body need to be cleaned daily?
16. A PCP may feed a client who is depending upon tube feeding.
17. The care provider may
18. Special diets may include
19. A person who is orient can do following
20. When performing nail care for the non-diabetic client provider may do following
21. Sorting laundry can include
22. You should never discuss safety with a client because it will make them worry
23. When a client uses a walker improperly following should be done
24. Safety precautions for transferring a client into a wheelchair include
25. The following would be considered an unsafe practice in a client room
26. Bathing is important because it provides following
27. Signs of depression include:
28. Signs of a Stroke are:
29. Medication reminding means:
30. When completing your timesheets